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Volunteer at Hot Radio

Volunteer applications are currently closed!

We are currently closed for volunteer applications, but please keep checking the website for more details, when we are open for fresh applications. 

Hot Radio would not be possible without the amazing people who give up their free time and volunteer on a regular basis.

There are many volunteer roles available at the station for people who want to get involved, not just behind the mic or making endless cups of tea!

We have many volunteer roles available, including: producing, reporting/broadcast journalism, general presentation, specialist music show presentation, events management, sales & promotions. Or is there something you have to offer that's not on this list? please complete our application form below.

As well as these key roles we also offer a number of intensive training opportunities for those who are keen to learn how to present and get "on air", but we are only able to offer this programme at set times of the year, subject to staffing.

As training is a big investment of time and resources, we won't offer placements or volunteering opportunities unless you are able to commit for a minimum of 12 months.

Please note, we are not able to offer volunteering or work experience to anyone under the age of 18.

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